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5 things you get by letting go

Letting go can be painful. Whether it’s something material, physical or emotional, giving up always comes with emotional distress. And yet letting go is sometimes necessary. It’s always evitable but doing so is never profitable. Holding to something wrong for too long to avoid letting go will drive you insane. And you know what insanity is? A disconnect from reality.

Through all the stress, the sadness, the pain, letting go still comes with unsuspected benefits, one can easily overlook.

1- Freedom

This one is probably the most obvious one and yet potentially the most beneficial. Letting go set you free. You can choose from so many other possibilities. It’s a chance to change something about you. If it’s material, guess what? You can now change for something new or you’re free from ever maintaining it again. If you’re letting go of a relationship, this is a chance to date again and find out about personality you’ve never met again. No moral obligation is holding you back. Sometimes, even after breaking up, some people restrain from moving on, because they still feel like they owe loyalty to the now done love story. And therefore to let go is a separate personal step. And the only thing that will free you.

2- A new you

Things we hold on to become part of us. Whether we identify to the material thing or we completely melt ourselves into relationships. And it’s not our fault. Relationships have an everyday dynamic that become a part of our lives. Whether we were fond of that dynamic, to let go of the relationship is a new opportunity to better know ourselves. Our daily lives become who we are often instead of the opposite. Who we are should mold our lives, but so many outside influences just don’t let that happen. Letting go of something or someone is an opportunity to grow a little more, to prioritize your true self a little more.

3- A new direction

While I already mentioned how letting go free you and make you explore different things, it’s still important to point out how letting go will set you up for a different direction. There is no way you can have the same direction in life as before. We eventually become who and what surround us. Letting go of something means you’re changing your visible and invisible environment. The winds cannot drift you back to the same path. Don’t you want to know a different way? Don’t you think better things are ahead of you?

4- More experience

We only learn some lessons only after letting go. You might learn through the hard times that eventually get fixed, but removing yourself totally from the relationship can unmask much more. Many people are still in not good enough relationships because of fear of letting go. Not everyone can let go. Some people never let go of anything, because they feel drowned into what they already have. Another reason, it is difficult to let go is that we fill our lives with things so we won’t have time to think and face our fears and sorrows. The moment you let go, you experience another perspective of life. You get to understand some things better than some other people.

5- Better self esteem and confidence

We often hold on to to things because we believe we don’t deserve or cannot have better. Letting go is thus an important part into gaining our self-esteem back. You get to approach new things with better knowledge of what you need and don’t need. You’ll get to make better choices in your life and more important, whatever your next choice is, you’ll be more confident in it. Letting go reveals some strengths you would have never realized you have. Thus, you become less vulnerable and more confident in life.

So let go of the material, physical and emotional junk that is making you thread water. It can only get better from there.

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Until next time, take care.


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