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5 steps to a healthy social media experience

Let’s be real. Social media is addictive. But let’s be real once again. Social media can be useful. To build a presence, reach out to a lot of people -customers if you run a business- and connect with people where there are already. This is why it is important to consciously build a healthy social media experience.

At the end, anything that can do good, can do wrong too.

Here are 5 steps to have a healthy social media experience.

1- Get real with why you want it first!

Social media can be overwhelming, you get way more than you’ll ever need, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for there beforehand. Sit down and think about the « WHY ». Why do you want this?

2- Know the risks and understand them!

Social media comes with some risks, pretty well known ones but we just ignore them in the next « refresh page » we do. Among those risks, i found 3 that are rather interesting to me.

  • Depression: Social media can cause depression. Because there is a lot going on, on social media, you might feel overwhelmed. There is a huge mass of people on it, sharing thousands of things, and you might be trapped in comparing yourself with others. Social media might also increase the feeling of loneliness in one self.
  • Deception: Social media is deceiving. For all entrepreneurs that are approaching social media to establish an audience, You’ll not grow an audience at the speed you think it’ll happen. Conversion rates will be rather LOW. You’ll more likely never get what you expect from social media at least the way you expected it.
  • Productivity or efficiency: This one, about everyone know. But in our day to day, we don’t realize it enough. Social media can make you loose concentration and vertical focus. Not to mention, it’s an easy way to get distracted. So it’s important to know that, so you can back up when needed.

3- Keep in mind that you might not get the inspiration you’re looking for.

Don’t be attracted by the offer of « inspiration » on social media. Most inspiration you’re going to get on social media is astonishingly polished. Hours of editing, etc. Looks good to the eyes but this is not necessarily the kind of inspiration you need because:

  • You’ll most likely get trapped comparing yourself to others. Am I enough? How can they do this? Oh i need to be more like this! I should do more of this.
  • You might actually loose inspiration, because everything will looks so good that you’ll find a hard time thinking you can do anything better. You might be rather inclined to COPY (most likely POORLY) than to be inspired. And even if you successfully copy, you’ll end up with less satisfaction than you began with, because of course the idea was not yours.
  • By the moment you’re done catching up with a new trend…there is already a bigger new one. You can never follow fast enough.

4- Use it on your own terms

At the end of the day, remember to use social media on your own terms. Don’t let social media dictate you what to do with it. Because it’s designed to keep you addicted (via endless scrolling, video playing in loop, etc) for profit.

5- Take breaks from it, regularly!

You might want to use it as intentionally as possible, but if you’re too much on it, you might end up addicted in an unhealthy way. The key to having a healthy social media experience is to strive to keep a balance. Try getting your head out of it from time to time. Take some fresh air, build fresh thoughts and have some fresh rest! It’s worth it!

16 thoughts on “5 steps to a healthy social media experience

  1. Good advice Fifame! I recently wrote an article on how Facebook is poisoning our relationships. I think since the 2016 election, things have gotten really scary and weird on social media.

  2. Fantastic advice!!. I can feel myself becoming addicted to social media, especially Facebook. My phone is never out of reach. Great to get a different perspective on it because it is designed to lure you in.

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